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Lighting and Solar Solutions for  Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities

We are a trusted commercial lighting and solar company with offices in Denver, Kansas City and Des Moines.  Specializing in LED lighting and solar solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Our clients benefit from significant improvement in their lighting and energy efficiency. Our team works with property owners and managers, facility managers, or property stakeholders in a wide variety of industries. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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 Our  audits compare your current  electrical usage to the our lighting and solar options.



Our turnkey solutions are designed to simplify the process of upgrading your facility.



Rebates and incentives are available across the country. Let us help find these programs for your facility.

Our Pillars

Our commitment to serving our clients is built upon what we call our four pillars. These describe our outlook, goals, professionalism, and level of dedication.


We operate with ethical and moral values in all circumstances.


We build relationships based on fairness and staying true to honoring principles.


We maintain a high level of skill, knowledge, qualification, and capacity.


We work daily to master this process to benefit all relationships we are a part of.


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