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Cash Flow Positive
LED Lighting Financing

We are a leader in Cash Flow Positive LED Lighting Financing. Our LED finance and leasing programs are making it easier than ever for companies to invest in LED lighting retrofits and take control of their energy future. Our “Green Facility Finance” program allows business owners to retrofit their buildings and facilities with ultra energy-efficient lighting options with little to no money out-of-pocket. With lighting accounting for up to 80% of a facility’s energy consumption, the switch to LED lighting can result in energy savings of 60-90%. Maintenance costs within a facility are also drastically reduced by implementing LED lighting. The best part is, the financing can be structured to put extra cash in your pocket each month!

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Nearly all LED lighting projects/retrofits can be structured to be cash flow positive, meaning that your monthly lease/loan payment is less than your energy savings! Our LED financing options allow you to go green with little money out-of-pocket. Example… your facility’s LED lighting retrofit will save an average of $905/month in energy costs/maintenance and the project totals $35k. Monthly lease payments would run $701.00 on a 60-month term. In this situation, the “Green Facility Lease” generates $204/month in positive cash-flow during the term of the lease/loan, and after, would allow energy savings to go straight to bottom line profits for the next 3-10 years (depending on light use).



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