Enertech Energy Management Solutions is proud to serve your business with a wide variety of energy-efficient solutions. If you’re looking to increase your business’ energy efficiency or make your business more environmentally friendly, Enertech Energy Management Solutions is here to provide you with solutions to many of your energy efficiency-related issues. By making these changes to your business, you are not only benefitting from these decisions, but you’re also doing your part to treat the environment better. To learn more about our energy-efficient solutions, contact Enertech Energy Management Solutions today.

In our previous blog series, we talked about how using LED lighting for your business can be beneficial. From the cost-related benefits to the environmentally friendly aspects, switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs can be very advantageous to your business. While that was simply a broad overview of the benefits of LED lighting, we thought we’d go into more depth about the concept. In part one of this blog series, we will look at a handful of businesses that can benefit from the use of LED lights, and specifically how switching over to LED lighting can benefit them.

Hotels and Motels

Because of the fact that they are pretty much open 24 hours a day, both hotels and motels have generally higher energy costs. Having to constantly light hallways, entrances and a variety of other common areas can quickly add up. Couple this with the unpredictable amount of lights that are either left on all night or forgotten about, and you’re not only consuming a considerable amount of electricity each day, but you’re also spending a hefty amount for energy each month. While it’s always a great idea to remind your guests to turn off lights when they are not in use, another way to offset both the cost and environmental harm caused by this is by installing LED lights in your buildings. Not only will it make the lights that are intentionally left on last longer, it will also help cut down on both the costs of the lights unintentionally left on as well as the negative environmental impact that comes with it.

Grocery Stores and Bakeries

Much like how hotels and motels are open all hours of the day, grocery stores and bakeries use a similar amount of energy from lights alone. Inevitably, the bakery and deli areas of most supermarkets feature countless amounts of lights to display their food. Making sure that your product cases are well-lit and displayed properly is key, so many grocery stores and bakeries just deal with the costs that come along with having lights on for hours on end. In some scenarios, these lights are even left on when the store is closed, perhaps in the interest of getting the most out of the bulbs. With this in mind, grocery stores and bakeries can greatly benefit from installing LED bulbs in all of their fixtures, display cases included. Not only will this help your lights last longer, but it will also cut down on your energy costs as well as overall expenses, as LED bulbs require less frequent replacement than regular incandescent bulbs.

Those are just two examples of businesses that could benefit from switching over to LED bulbs. Enertech Energy Management systems is committed to providing businesses like yours with the best in energy management solutions. Whether you’re a brand-new business that’s looking to get things started off the right way, or you’re looking to change over after years in the industry, Enertech is here to ensure that your business makes energy decisions that are not only cost efficient, but environmentally friendly as well. We will continue this in part two of our blog series, but until then, to learn more about our energy efficient solutions, contact Enertech today.