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With the holidays right around the corner, the end of the year is sure to be a time filled with entertaining, and with entertaining comes plenty of time spent in the kitchen. Thanksgiving is almost here, so for this blog, we’ve decided to put together a small list of ways that you can be more energy efficient in the kitchen while still cooking a delicious a tasty meal for your guests and family. Read on to find out more on how you can be more energy efficient in the kitchen this Thanksgiving!

Turn the Heat Down
This may sound strange, especially considering the dropping temperatures towards the end of the year, but if you are expecting a larger amount of guests this Thanksgiving, one great way to reduce energy usage is to reduce the heat in your home. Inviting ten or more people into your home will inevitably create more heat than if a smaller group of people were gathering. Factoring in the additional heat from the kitchen, and your home is going to be noticeably warmer than usual. Reducing the heat in your home will not only save you energy, but you’ll also be far more comfortable overall.

Have Patience

One of the things that can save you energy in the kitchen this thanksgiving has to do with patience. With the turkey, ham, or other meat service as the centerpiece for your meal, much emphasis is put on it to ensure that it turns out just right. Because of this, we have a tendency to constantly check up on its progress while it cooks in the oven. While it’s surely better to be safe than sorry, doing this actually allows heat to escape from the oven, requiring your oven to work harder and consume more energy just to get back to the desired temperature. A great way to remedy this is to have a thorough understanding of how long the process will take, and try to avoid making frequent checks on it to ensure that it will cook quickly and not consume excess energy. Also, if your oven has an interior light, use this to your advantage and simply turn that on to check on your turkey or ham instead of opening the oven every half hour.

Lids On!

Another way to conserve energy this Thanksgiving has to do with cooking on your stovetop. Whether you’re using electric or natural gas energy, many people also have a tendency to cook with open pots and pans. Not only does this make cooking times take longer, it also increases energy usage. Much like how the heat escapes from the oven every time you open the oven door, cooking without lids requires your stove to work harder to cook your food. Cooking with your lids on will not only reduce the cooking times as it allows your food to cook more consistently, it will allow you to cook at lower temperatures, which will require less energy. Be sure to use the proper size of lids for your pots and pans to ensure that no heat escapes while cooking.

Don’t Just Rely On Your Oven
While many Thanksgiving food options have a tendency to revolve around using the oven or stove, there are many things that you can make using other appliances that use less energy than these appliances. Plenty of casseroles and even desserts can be made in a crock pot, from cakes and brownies to cobblers. The microwave can come in handy when cooking potatoes, stuffing, or other delicious side dishes. Your microwave and slow cooker can prove to be incredibly useful tools to you this Thanksgiving, not only making your meal preparation more energy efficient, but convenient as well.

Those are just a few ways that you can be more energy efficient this Thanksgiving. To learn more about our natural gas energy and LED lighting services, contact Enertech Energy Management Solutions today!