Whether you’re looking for a way to lower your heating bills or you want to make your carbon footprint smaller, installing natural gas in your home or commercial property can help. In a recent post, we discussed where natural gas comes from and how it forms. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the major benefits of natural gas and why you should consider switching over to this eco-friendly alternative.

At Enertech Energy Management Solutions, we’ve helped hundreds of people across Fort Collins, Denver, Phoenix, and Kansas install natural gas in their homes and businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our natural gas solutions, contact us today!

Natural Gas Is Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that using natural gas at home can reduce your carbon footprint significantly? When it comes to energy consumption, people and communities all over the world are eager to transition to smarter, more efficient energy choices. Since natural gas is inherently abundant throughout the United States and Canada, providing your home and business with clean energy is now easier than ever! Let’s look at some important facts about natural gas below.

  • When natural gas is burned, it produces about 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal. This is roughly 30 percent less gas than oil, and about 15 percent less gas than wood.
  • When natural gases combust, they become extremely efficient, producing heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.
  • Natural gas produces almost no carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids, and airborne particles. This makes natural gas much less harmful to human and animal health.

When you choose to use natural gas, it will automatically lower your reliance on electric utilities that burn coal or use natural gas inefficiently. This will help to lower your carbon emissions, smog, and acid rain. You will also play a part in reducing greenhouse gases, which can help to slow or reduce the effects of global climate change as well.

Natural Gas Is Extremely Energy Efficient

At Enertech, our customers appreciate efficient, affordable, and reliable natural gas. When you use natural gas at home, it has the potential to protect our environment, boost our economy, and move our nation toward energy independence. According to the study, “Fueling the Future with Natural Gas: Bringing it Home,” published by IHS CERA with support from the American Gas Foundation:

  • Natural gas prices are expected to remain in the $4-5 per mmBtu range on average through 2035.
  • Switching to a natural gas-heated home saves the average U.S. consumer more than $5,700 on average over 15 years.
  • Households with natural gas heating, cooking, and clothes drying spend an average of $654 less annually than households using electricity for the same appliances.
  • A natural gas vehicle will save you an average of $4,500 in fuel costs over five years compared to a gasoline vehicle.

Natural Gas Offers Both Comfort And Convenience

When you invest in natural gas for your home, you can have the comfort and convenience of natural gas at your fingertips. There’s no need to worry about running out of propane or charcoal, or forgetting to chop wood for those cold winter nights. With natural gas, a properly maintained furnace can last for up to 20 years! When it comes to your water heater, natural gas can reheat water twice as fast as electric models can. This means that there will be less waiting for hot showers in the morning!

As you can see, there are many benefits to using natural gas in your home or commercial business. If you’re interested in learning more about how natural gas can help reduce your carbon footprint, contact Enertech today!