Are you a business owner in Phoenix that’s looking for ways to decrease your overhead without sacrificing quality? In recent years, it’s become incredibly important to treat our environment with more respect, ensuring the safety and well-being of planet for future generations. Making environmentally friendly decisions is more important now than it’s ever been, with the public being incredibly concerned about the way we treat our planet. In having to own and operate a business or facility, as well as all the duties that come along with that, do you really have the time to figure out how to make your business more efficient and environmentally friendly? If you own a business or facility in Phoenix, the professionals at Enertech Energy Management Solutions are here to provide you with the energy efficiency solutions that you need.

Who We Are

Enertech Energy Management Solutions is a privately-owned firm that provides energy consumption and energy efficiency-based solutions for businesses and facilities in Phoenix. Providing services for a variety of clients, from commercial to industrial to institutional, we have been able to help an array of businesses increase their energy efficiency while decreasing their carbon footprint. Do you own a church, showroom, retail space or restaurant in Phoenix? Enertech can provide you with many energy efficient solutions, including LED Lighting, smart building management software, and natural gas solutions.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a great way to not only be more eco-friendly, it’s also a great option for businesses that are looking to increase their energy efficiency. LED bulbs last considerably longer time than regular incandescent bulbs, with LED bulbs lasting an average of 11 years. Environmentally speaking, LED lighting consumes nearly 90 percent less energy than traditional lighting sources. What does this mean for your business? It means that not only will you be spending less money on replacing and maintaining your lighting, you’ll also enjoy reduced energy costs.

Energy Efficiency for Businesses In Phoenix

Whether you’re in need of LED Lighting for your Phoenix restaurant, church or manufacturing facility, Enertech Energy Management Solutions can provide you with the energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions that you need without sacrificing the quality or appearance of your business. From our LED lighting to natural gas based solutions, we are proud to serve businesses in Phoenix with our energy-efficient solutions. Contact us today to find out how Enertech Energy Management Solutions can best serve your needs, we would love to work with you!