Refrigeration Systems Savings

The Cold Cash Box chamber installs to your existing refrigeration system. The Cold Cash Box saves 25%-30% in energy cost. Measuring only 7” x 9” x 3”, the small size will make it convenient and noninvasive to install on most vapor compression refrigeration systems.
Tired of your refrigeration system sucking away all your money? These are available for all air conditioners, chillers, mini-splits, freezers, heat pumps, etc.

How It Works

The Cold Cash Box chamber accomplishes the energy saving by running the liquid/vapor refrigerant mixture across phase change material (PCM) enclosed in an insulated housing. During certain parts of the compressor run cycle the PCM temperature is lower than the refrigerant mixture in the initial phase of the cycle, yet higher than the refrigerant mixture later in the cycle; hence making it sustainable. When the correct PCM is selected, after system start up, the PCM will always remain at or below phase change temperature. With the PCM remaining below phase change temperature, exchanging heat with the refrigerant in both directions creates a heat multiplier similar to that seen in geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Evaporator Coil System

Enertech is proud to offer the first and only energy efficient evaporator coils on the market. This coil system increases the energy efficiency of walk-in coolers and freezers by an average of fifty percent or greater, saving thousands of dollars in operating costs per year. Together with combined cooling efficiency, less compressor run time, and decreased electric usage costs, your business saves money and decreases energy consumption for years to come.

How it works.

Thermodynamics – The coil system uses a PCM (Phase Change Material) which allows heat to be absorbed more rapidly than a conventional evaporator coil. The PCM absorbs heat that would cause the refrigerant to vaporize in a standard system. Additionally, the conventional fin design has been changed by increasing the surface area to improve the heat transfer process.

Suction Pressure – By using the PCM, the coil system is able to lower the suction pressure. A lower suction pressure decreases the load on the compressor which reduces its electrical consumption.

Heat Multiplier – The addition of the PCM within the coil system accomplishes two important things:
A significant reduction in the compressors total run time.

Radiant cooling that maintains the cabinet and product temperature while the evaporator fans are off.

Coil Design – With the modified design, air travels at a higher velocity through the coil, aiding in keeping the coil clear.

True Return on Investment

This coil system use less energy to operate and save, on average, 50% of your yearly operating costs when compared to other systems on the market. Less electricity is consumed to maintain a cabinet temperature, resulting in a reduction of the overall cost of operation. You can expect to lower operating energy costs and potentially cut your energy usage by up to 50 to 75%. For both new and replacement applications and depending on your climate and location, the true return on investment from can be between six months and two years.