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Factors To Consider When Buying LED Lighting

 There are several important things factors you should consider when buying LED including energy efficiency, hours of operation, desired style, the results of your energy audit, and available rebates. 

Lighting Color Temperature

LED light sources are based on the Kelvin system of measure that can range from 2700K up to 5700K.  A warm color temperature is typically 3000K or less.  A cool white color commonly has a color temperature of 4000K. Exterior color temperature typically can range from 5000K up to 5700K  Most of our fixtures range from 3000K-5000K. Your preference for color temperature is important to factor in.

Lighting Style

LED offers many options when it comes to lighting style. You will want to select a style that meets your needs when it comes to both functionality and aesthetics. 

LED Rebate Programs

Be sure to research what rebates are available for your new LED lighting. Not all companies are able to write rebates, and not all LED fixtures are eligible for the rebates that are offered. It is important to work with a company who can assist you with this.

Occupancy Schedule

Occupancy sensors or light detecting photcell may offer additional savings opportunities. You will definitely want to weigh your options and decide if it makes sense for your LED lighting solutions. 

Basic Factors

LED Lighting Components

Every material and component used in the manufacturing of LED lights impact performance, value, and durability. Components including diodes, adhesive and fixtures should all be considered. Working with an experienced lighting company who can educate you about your options is crucial.

Lighting Warranties

Be sure to understand all the details of your LED lighting warranty. Have a full understanding of what is covered specifically and for how long.

LED Light Distribution

Exterior LED lighting distribution has a number of different types. The light distribution determines the angle of the lighting and the area that it covers.

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