LED Lighting Provide an Array of Benefits and Savings

Upgrade to LED lighting and start saving today! With Enertech, we will provide high quality LED Fixtures, qualified installation, many financing options, and LED lighting rebate assistance. You can save up to 70% on your energy costs plus qualify for rebates in most markets.

Quality LED lighting products can last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting while using 70% LESS energy. According to the US Department of Energy as of 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S. — saving about $675 million in annual energy costs. Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

  • LED’s use up to 70% less energy and are extremely quiet (no noisy ballast).
  • LED lights are more than 96% recyclable.
  • Many LED applications have a life cycle of 50,000 – 100,000 hours with even, clean light that stays brighter and longer advancing your company’s Green and Sustainability position.
  • LED lighting contains absolutely NO mercury or other toxic heavy metals. They don’t emit UV light or radiation and are excellent for cold-temperature storage, making them perfectly food-safe.
  • LED technology features instant on and off, which means no more annoying flickering or warm up time.